eLua on STM32L476-nucleo

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eLua on STM32L476-nucleo

Hello All,

I have NUCLEO-L476RG board from ST.

I have compiled latest eLua trunk for board=stm32f4-nucleo,
I loaded elua_lua_stm32f4-nucleo.bin file using STM32 ST-LINK Utility from Windows  
I've used default start address 0x08000000

I don't see any signal activity of the pin headers (except reset an SPI channel
which I think came from the ST-LINK portion of the board)

Later I saw in ./boards/known/stm32f4-nucleo.lua file
cpu = 'stm32f401re',

Probably my CPU stm32l476 is not compatible with  stm32f401.

Anyone having experience with elua on NUCLEO-L476RG board?

Or can someone provide me with some starting information
so I can try to add  stm32l476-nucleo  support in eLua?

Thank you