eLua cross-compile support added

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eLua cross-compile support added


I added suppor for cross-compiling eLua source files (for those of you
unfamiliar with the term, this means that you can compile Lua sources on PC
and use the compiled binary directly on the target, something that was not
possible until recently). The cross compiler is based on a patch posted on
the Lua list recently, slightly modified to work with ARM doubles (which use
a "non-standard" representaton by default).

To use it:

$ scons -f cross-lua.py

This will build your cross compiler (luac) in the same directory. Then:

$ ./luac -o <out.lc> -ccn float_arm 64 -s <source.lua>

Then upload <out.lc> via XMODEM, or burnt it to the filesystem and use it
from there. Enjoy :)

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