eLua as intelligent expansion?

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eLua as intelligent expansion?

Another thing...TI has discontinued all the Luminary parts up to an including the M3 family. It looks like they will only be supporting the M4 cores in the future.

An option would be to purchase the Sitara AM335x Starter Kit. It supports 2 Ethernet ports, Graphics controller and a lot of other useful features. It can run on Linux or on Android which they supply.


Not knowing any more details about your configuration  do you have the ability to use SPI or I2C ?

On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 11:51 PM, Patrick <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Everyone

I normally write horrible and long emails but to try to avoid this... in a nutshell I really wish I could have been more active with eLua over the past year. I am spread very thin between my children's needs and my day time work.

I have a project that involves controlling scientific instruments and crunching data afterwards. In another nutshell I have had a hard time finding the right solution to the problems I am confronted with and have looked into baremetal embedded, RTOS-like embedded and desktop solutions. It now looks like all three together will be needed.

So to get to the point(sorry), SBC like RPI and Olimex's IMX233 are very nice but they don't have enough GPIO pins or peripherals for what I need. Baremetal is nice but sometimes it's easier to have an OS, especially when interacting with the user.

I was wondering if anyone has tried to link a SBC together with an eLua microcontroller? So for instance Rpi's 8 GPIO pins could be used for sending data back and forth to an eLua MCU such as a Luminary development board and Lua could do all the low level stuff.

Both the luminary board and Rpi can communicate over Ethernet and be linked this way but in my case it would be nice to have the eLua Ethernet port dedicated to instrument control and the SBC port used to communicate with the outside and possible hostile world. If this is a logical thing to do, is there a protocol you would recommend for communicate from a limited number of GPIO pins on a SBC and an eLua MCU ?

Hope everyone is doing great-Patrick
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