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Thiago Naves Thiago Naves
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at91sam7s port

Hi all,
I read on the "at91sam7x build issue" thread that Ash wanted to port eLua to the at91sam7s platform.
Someone asked for help in doing this port long ago and I had some code done.
I've just updated my code to the latest version on eLua master.
It builds but I have no idea if it works as I don't have a board with this chip!
It's posted on my github:

Compile with
scons board=at91sam7s-ek prog


lua build_elua.lua board=at91sam7s-ek prog

If anyone can give it a try would be great!

Hope this helps ;)


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Ashu Ashu
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Re: at91sam7s port

Thanks Thiago, I'll give it a try and report back very soon.
I don't have at91sam7s-ek board; rather a module based closely on that design, with at91sam7se512.