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Welcome to the elua-dev list

Hi all,

First, thanks for joining this list (well, some of you had no choice,
since I joined you automatically, but you got the picture :) ). I
created the list to keep all the eLua developers "in sync" with the
code changes. What I would like to see on this list:

* svn activity (check ins/deletes/renames). If you do a check-in and
want to include a diff, feel free to do so, but this is not a strict
requirement. Add a short explanation (why did you
checkin/delete/rename? What are the new features?) You don't need to
do this for every "svn" command you ever do, use your common sense to
understand if this is something the other developers should know about
and send the e-mail only if it is. For example, if you changed the API
in any way, or if you're adding a new platform, everyone should know
about this. On the other hand, cosmetic changes (removing empty lines)
are not exactly big news, so you don't need to send an e-mail in this
* development discussions / code reviews: if your changes are very
simple and/or more esthetic than functional, feel free to check in
directly. If, however, you're planning to change the platform
interface, for example, or do something equally or more difficult,
discuss this with the list before jumping to implementation. Similary,
if you have some code that you're not very sure about, submit it to
the list for code review before checking it it.
* technical questions / answers related to eLua. Hint : "what is SVN"
is NOT a relevant technical question related to eLua, we're doing
development here, not trainig :) Also, "could someone please compile a
binary image for me?" is also not a relevant technical question, we
have a web page for this. Again, use your common sense.
* new ideas for further eLua developments, as well as ideas on how to
improve the existing code
* web page discussions (about http://elua.berlios.de) also go here
* take a look at http://elua.berlios.de/doc_status.html, and if you'd
like to be in charge with one of more of the port/features, write this
to the list.
* last but not least, proposals (and of course code :) ) for more eLua
code examples.

I hope I didn't forget anything. That's it then ... I officialy
declare the eLua dev list open. Let It be Code and Mails :)