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Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender


Let's take care of your message that never made it to the list :)
because it seems that BerliOS is back on track.

> * we pack our samples instead of Lua's (very math oriented ones)

> * we call the directory "rom" as well to make it simple
I'd go with "romfs", it tells exactly what's going on.

> * we remove Lua samples nsieve.lua,  nsieveb.lua and pidigits.lua which all
> fail because of not enough memory on my LM3S 64kb platform -- or even all of
> them.
That's no longer true. On my LPC2888, with the new "multiple"
allocator, all of them are working (as the board has an external 32MB
SDRAM that is now used when the internal chip memory (64k) runs out).
I suspect we'll have more boards with this behaviour, so let's leave
it like this for now. But we should indeed "exchange" the contents of
the "romfs" and examples directories, it makes more sense this way.
By the way, on my LM3S board the "nsieveb.lua" sample does run. Have
you try running it right after a reset? I suspect we might have some
memory holes (no idea why yet), so running it right after reset it
helps. And use the old (newlib) allocator, the new one seems to have a
larger memory overhead.