Support for Lua on GNU Gengen

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Support for Lua on GNU Gengen

Dear eLua community,

I recently added support for Lua code generation on GNU Gengen.
( Give this tool some
text and it will give you a Lua program to generate your text.
(GENerator GENerator). It also comes with a bunch of other options
like parameter substitutions and callbacks. (Please look into the
manual). It handles indentation very well.

I use this to do some fun ASCII art on my eLua terminal :) I add
this to my autorun.lua. I tried hard to figure out another use case
for this tool in the direction of eLua but I couldn't think of any. If
you do have something in mind, please do share. I'd be interested
to know.

I have already submitted the patch to the community. It is awaiting
release. Nevertheless, you could find patch in the attachment and
apply it against GNU Gengen version 1.4. It should compile without
issues on any GNU/Linux.