Status of MMCFS on eagle-100 board

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Status of MMCFS on eagle-100 board

Hello! Thanks in advance for looking at this.

I am trying to get a micro ssd card to show up on elua on an micromint eagle-100 board with no luck...

Here is what I have tried:

1. Binaries from the elua site v0.8, v0.9. When I do an "ls", /mmc does not seem to be something ls is trying to look at.

2. Compiled my own (codesourcery toolchain) from trunk and v0.9 following instructions on how to enable MMCFS. Same results as above.

3. Compiled the latest from the branch eagle_mmc (I know it is old, just another data point). With this one, I see that /mmc shows up as part of what "ls" is doing, but I can't see any files. There is only one file in the card (test.txt).

3. I have verified that the hardware on my board and the filesystem on the card are good by using the sd_card.bin sample application from a link on micromint's website ( I can ls and cat files on the card with that.

Am I missing something obvious here? Or is mmcfs not supported for my board?

Anything else I can try? Is there a #define DEBUG or something similar I can turn on to see what is going on?



Edoardo Daelli
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