Some omnima stm32expander developers here?

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Some omnima stm32expander developers here?


due to the fact that the stm32expander is listed at the wiki under
"Recent additions" and listed at "supported by eLua" i ordered the
stm32expander board and received it some days ago, it has a great size
for some ideas i want to test with elua.

But - i have some problems getting it up and running - and the support
isn't answering my email, the omnima forum has disabled user
Maybe someone can give me some hints here?

First of all, i tried to get an eLua prompt on the UART1 port but
nothing happens. SWD is not working since i made the error of ordering
with RFM70 which sits on the SWD pins - now i can't use the SWD.

It took a while to find the Boot0/Boot1 pins, now i had some 10k
resistors as pullup and pulldown for bootloader mode.

The original stm32flash (not the version from omnima which doesn't
contain the getopt parser code for writing) gave me the first progress,
i saw that the stm32 itself isn't broken, it answered the flash requests
and it seems that i was able to flash a version i compiled from the
omnima elua github branch.

But - i still doesn't get it up and running.

Has anybody an idea or the stm32expander running live with elua?


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