Simple eLua game console idea (warning: eLua newb!)

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Simple eLua game console idea (warning: eLua newb!)

Hello all

I've been working on a few MCu's in the past (AVR, ARM) writing LCD & TFT display drivers and stuff, just for fun.

Now I got into my head an idea to try something with interpreted code.

Some specifications for my idea and what I have been able to understand from eLua project page. Please comment on misconceptions I have picked up.

S 1) device will use LPC1768 (ie. stripped down MBED) with identical I/O pinout
A 1) I can use the mbed eLua binary to start with little or no modification

S 2) device will need to boot to some sort of a file selector
A 2) I can drop eLua shell and make an autorun.lua that will read SD card contents

S 3) device will need to read MMC and display results on Nokia 5110 LCD
A 3) MMC & Nokia 5110 support for LPC1768 does not exist. I need to write C modules for them

S 4) Graphics, audio and button press handling are too time critical for pure Lua routines
A 4) I need to do all that stuff in C to get smooth frame rates and non-interrupted sound. But can I use native interrupt handlers (needed for sound) concurrently with eLua or not ?  

So. A simple device that will read and run Lua games from SD card and display them on a Nokia 5110 (84x48) monochrome screen. Audio generated with a PWM signal.

Do you see any obvious pitfalls (speed will not be enough, non-interruptible audio PWM is impossible etc) ?