New eLua target: Stellaris EVALBOT

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raman raman
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New eLua target: Stellaris EVALBOT

Dear eLua community,

I now have access to an EVALBOT from Stellaris, TI. This neat little
bot is built around an LM3S9B92. We already have eLua support for this
target. In addition, the bot supports a few other peripherals --
USB, 96x16 OLED, Sensors for bump detection and wheel rotation.
Please look for the link here:

This comes with a uCOS-III demo which does bump detection. It would
be cool to do something similar with Lua scripts.

I could add eLua support for this board. Is anyone willing to work on
this or am I the only one with an EVALBOT?

I also looked into this post on our community:

I'm not sure if some work is being done on this. Should I proceed with the code?