New AVR32 cross-toolchain builder, based on crosstool-ng

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New AVR32 cross-toolchain builder, based on crosstool-ng

Hi all
  Another cross-toolchain builder, used to compile your own AVR32
cross-toolchains, has appeared at
  It;s based on crosstool-ng, one of the major cross-compiler
builders, with AVR32 patches adapted from a range of Atmel GNU
Toolchain releases

It produces 3% more compact code than any of the other available
cross-compilers because:
- the gcc libraries are optimised for size,
- the gcc version is more recent (4.4.7)
- the AVR32 patches are from the unreleased Atmel GNU Toolchain
version 3.4.2, which produced better code than 3.4.1 and
- it tunes the size optimizer properly for AVR32 code if you use -Os.

Documentation on how to use it is on its project page and in the Mizar32 book at


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