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More recent TI processor support - was Re: STM32expander

I have done a port to the TI Stellaris/Tiva launchpad and Connected Launchpads.

eLua works on the Stellaris launchpad (integer only).
A few of the peripherals need more testing.  No PWM because the processor doesn't support it.

eLua works on the Tiva launchpad.  (I don't have one to test on, but others have tried it.)
PWM does not work in this build - after much study of the code I still don't know what is wrong.

eLua works partially on the Connected Launchpad (TM4C1294) (floating point).
Basic PIO, timers, UART work.  Interrupts - part way working.  
PWM does not work.  Not sure about ADC. Networking not working yet.

Look in the LM4 branch for Stellaris/Tiva launchpad.
Look in the newTM4C branch for Connected Launchpad
(this branch also supports Tiva launchpad, but that version hasn't been tested.)

Main limitations:
The Tiva and Stellaris launchpads only have 32KB RAM, so can't run large programs.
It has been prety stable, so if your programming needs are modest it might do.
(It is hard to measure the memory used by eLua, but it has more than 20 kb Free
when eLua loaded.  However something like the life example in elua examples will not
run because of the large arrays).

The Connected Launchpad port is not as far along.
(Some peripherals not supported, and more likely to encounter bugs.)
Once the Connected Launchpad port is more pollished it should make a good starting board
(it also has reasonable ammount of RAM for eLua, has ethernet, expandable with booster packs,
reasonably affordable).

My GIT repository also has the port for the Arduino Due (look in SAM branch).
That port runs, and several peripherals work, but it still needs bunch of work (e.g. XMODEM doesn't work).
The board has reasonable ammount of RAM and Arduino shield form factor (but 3.3 v only).

Right now, if you can find one cheap, I would suggest the EK-LM3S8962 (yes it is an older TI processor)
as a reasonable starting board, it is well supported in eLua, has a reasonable ammount of RAM,
and some interesting devices (ethernet, display).

I have no experience with the STM or NXP boards/ports, so can not comment on how they compare.

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> From: Milind Gupta
> Sent: 05/05/14 11:54 AM
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> Subject: [eLua-dev] STM32expander
> Hello,
>  I received my STM32expander board yesterday and after struggling a
> bit I have no clue how to connect to it. I found a post from 27th match
> saying that it did not work fully for him even after flashing the elua
> manually. I think the STM32Expander board should be removed from the Wiki
> since there is no support from Omnima and for a beginner it is very
> misleading because from the wiki it seems like it is the best option to get
> started since it is shipping with elua.
>  I am trying to get a board to start with elua, STM32Expander seemed
> like a bad choice. All the official supported boards from TI seem to be
> outdated? Is there any official board for the current TI controllers?
> Thanks,
> Milind

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