Lua Tiny RAM patch (finally) added to eLua

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Lua Tiny RAM patch (finally) added to eLua


If you've been wondering why I suddenly stopped replying in the threads
about the platform specific modules/ADC platform interface/whatever else,
here's your answer: in the last couple of days I've been working like a
crazy maniac on integrating my Lua Tiny RAM (LTR) patch in eLua. I'll send a
larger e-mail explaining what's LTR later, for now let's review the svn
commit log:

*- Lua Tiny RAM (LTR) patch is now integrated in eLua and is enabled by
- all eLua modules updated to work with LTR

*And now for something really interesting: the results! The table below
summarizes the RAM usage in kbytes (as obtained by running *lua -e
"print(collectgarbage'count')" *from the eLua shell). OPT=0 is LTR's
"compatibility mode" (basically this means that the patch is disabled, so
you're running plain Lua) and OPT=2 is the patch in action.

| PLATFORM    |   OPT=0    |   OPT=2    |
| AVR32       |     23.75  |      5.42  |
| AT91SAM7X   |     25.16  |      5.42  |
| STR7        |     24.92  |      5.42  |
| STR9        |     22.23  |      5.42  |
| LPC2888     |     22.23  |      5.42  |
| I386        |     16.90  |      5.42  |
| LM3S        |     27.14  |      5.42  |
| STM32       |     ?????  |      ????  | (hint: 5.42:))

Beautiful, no? :)

*Mike, *please test this on your STM3210 board (yes, I also modified your
port) and let me know how it works.

- *"cpu" module added to avr32, at91sam7x, str7*

Pretty self-explanatory.

* - "disp" module no longer generic (now stays in src/modules/lm3s). For
this reason, the "disp" platform interface was also removed.*

This concludes an older discussion on the list. The "disp" module was
specific to the LM3S boards, and its platform interface wasn't generic
enough, so it was moved to the LM3S backend and the platform interface was

*- the "modcommon" mechanism in STM32 (ROM loader) was depreciated in favour
of the Lua Tiny RAM patch (and the "stm3210lcd" module from the STM32
backend now uses LTR).*

Sorry, Mike :), but I really think this is the better way to go with this.
Maybe we can still use parts of your mechanism in other parts of eLua.

* - small bugfixes*

I'll be coming back to our API-related threads after I manage to breathe a
bit :) and after I send more information about LTR to the world.

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Dean Hall Dean Hall
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Lua Tiny RAM patch (finally) added to eLua

Bogdan, if you really got eLua using less than 6 KB for  
initialization, you're my new BFF.  I look forward to reading more  
about LTR.


On Jan 11, 2009, at 14:57 , Bogdan Marinescu wrote:

> Beautiful, no? :)