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Large ADC Commit

Hi -

I've dropped in another large ADC commit.  I've mentioned most of what was done in the commit message, but here's a rundown:

- When samples are available from ADC, they're initially copied into an elua buf.
- buf length is adjusted according to number of expected samples coming in (when burst is requested, buf is resized to accomodate the number of burst samples, size is dropped back down when single samples are requested)
- if smoothing is enabled, and has no samples, smoothing buffer (not an elua buf) is filled first to warm up the filter, then samples begin to accumulate in the main buffer.
- a flush function has been added to manually clear out both smoothing and primary buffers in case one doesn't want old samples or old smoothing data being used for future measurements

Also, I forgot to mention one thing in the commit message:  As per a discussion with Bogdan, the type checking on buf_write and buf_read have been pulled out.

One adjustment that I'd like to consider before the 0.6 freeze is to remove the option for blocking and non-blocking as it applies to sample and burst functions (used to initiate sampling) and to instead make these always non-blocking, and never have them return any samples (only errors, if needed).  A separate function, say getsamples would pull in data collected using either mode.  Right now, if one uses non-blocking mode, samples will always be returned for the last time you ran sample or burst.  This means that if you want to get the data already requested, you also have to always request new samples, even if you don't want them.

I should be able to make this change with minimal code changes, but I haven't done it yet because it changes the pre-existing paradigm, and I wanted to get these changes in sooner rather than later :-)

I think it might just take me another hour or so to get adjustments along those lines working.  There wouldn't be as long of a delay as this ADC commit.

Suggestions/comments are welcome :-)