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Flashing EVK1100

Hello guys,
  The initial receipt to flash the AVR32 on the EVK1100 board is below (tks
Bogdan !).
   Please confirm if we need to modify BOTH /sys/bus/usb and /proc/bus/usb
to /dev/bus/usb
   I'm having a different error here when running step 5 (below). The script
looks for a jvm.dll, which is not found on my system :(  Seems to be
something Java related but I've checked the installation (Sun version 1.6)
and it is OK. Could it depend and work only with the GNU Java version ?
Would it be so different from the Sun version and have a jvm.dll ? :-o


0. BEFORE ANY FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD, you must put your board in DFU mode, so
  - press on the joystick and hold it pressed
  - press RESET for about 1-2 seconds
  - release RESET
  - release the joystick

1. make yourself root

2. download Atmel's FLIP from here:

3. unpack it and run "./batchisp3.sh"; it will ask to set a few environment
variables, which should be easy enough.

4. since we're using Ubuntu, we'll also need to edit one the libs (.so) in
the package. An hex capable editor is needed here.
Hint from:
at the last post in the thread)
Flip has been build to work on Red Hat distribution, for the moment we don't
have a Ubuntu version available, but there is a work around.
The problem is batchisp libatlibusb.so reading stuff from /sys/bus/usb
and /proc/bus/usb but it is require to read /dev/bus/usb on ubuntu
Thats why your system has failed.

5. to actually flash the board, put it in DFU mode and do something like
this (AS ROOT):
# ./batchisp3.sh -hardware usb -device at32uc3a0512 -operation erase f
memory flash blankcheck loadbuffer elua_lua_at32uc3a0512.hex program verify
start reset 0

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